Due to the versatility of Enviropipes, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes can be used in all types of applications


Enviropipes HDPE (PE100) culverts (EnviroCulvert®) are manufactured from 100mm up to 4000mm ID and can be used on any main road network such as access roads to mine sites or river crossings. Our non-corrosive culverts are also suitable for rail networks as they offer a high stiffness to weight ratio making them easy to install.

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LNG, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Mine Sites

Enviropipes Stormwater Pipe can be used for site drainage and underground water storage. The use of Enviropipes Stormwater Pipe is advantageous as the rubber ring jointed pipes require no further welding or couplings. Our pipe offers high resistance to abrasion and corrosion which is important when considering installing into aggressive soils.

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Sea Intakes and Ocean Outfalls

Enviropipes can manufacture large diameter HDPE (PE100) sea intake and ocean outfall pipes for power stations, desalination plants and for the petroleum sector. Both materials are ideal for these applications as they are resistant to corrosion, light weight and easy to install.

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Storm Water Systems

Corrugated HDPE (PE100) pipes are a durable product with numerous benefits including fast and easy installation. As a proven performer it is commonly used for agricultural applications such as field basin irrigation systems and field drainage systems. It's also used by municipalities for storm drainage applications, highway median drainage and storm water management systems.

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Sewer Systems

Corrugated HDPE (PE100) pipes are long-term and cost effective solutions to the problem of corroding sewer systems. It is well suited for a wide range of sewage applications in all sorts of circumstances. Its inherent physical characteristics make it impervious to the extremely aggressive and corrosive materials associated with sewage systems. Corrugated HDPE (PE100) pipe is light weight, flexible, durable, leak tight and corrosion resistant making it easier to install than any other pipe material. 

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