Enviropipes perforated pipe systems are designed for both subsoil drainage and infiltration of stormwater runoff to help prevent ground water issues.



Sub-soil drainage sytems use a flexible corrugated drainage pipe to maintain a designated water table level based on design requirements , It is ideal for landscape and lawn drainage, and for drainage in areas that are prone to flooding. It can also be utilised in the following applications;

  • Roads and highways
  • Sand and heap leaching for mines
  • Sporting ovals
  • Golf courses
  • Parks and gardens
  • Salinity
  • High rainfall

In situations where there is fine sand and coarse silt soils, a filter sock is used to prevent fine grains from entering the slotted pipe. It also restricts the sediment from entering the drain line by stabilising the soil around the pipe corrugations.

Filter sock can be supplied separately or fitted onto the coil.

Enviropipes slotted and un-slotted Coil are manufactured in accordance with AS2439.


Change in groundwater recharge is one of the many effects of urbanisation. As urban development increases, ground water recharge will decrease due to of reduced infiltration. More surface runoff, less water infiltration into the soil, and less water recharge to aquifers are often a consequence. Enviropipes has developed a flexible corrugated pipe that can recharge and prevent ground water issues.


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