Enviro ProcessTanks® & Manholes®

Enviropipes is a specialist manufacturer of large diameter High density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks and silos. Enviropipes utilise the outstanding material properties of HDPE (PE100) as well as advanced spiral wound technology to fabricate storage tanks up to 4000mm internal diameter.

Combining outstanding durability, corrosion resistance and better value, HDPE (PE100) tank and silo systems are an ideal tailor-made solution for hazardous liquid storage.

Contact us and let us know your specific requirements. Using our computer-aided design resources we will develop, design and calculate the most cost-efficient solution. We also manufacture to client specifications and drawings.

Enviropipes tanks and silos are designed to European standards DVS 2205 and EN12573.


In order to control and maintain pipe systems regularly, manholes are integrated into the system. These are mainly installed at the positions of bends, reduction or branches. The manholes are made from the same material as the pipes and are also connected to the system with similar jointing techniques. The advantage is a homogenous system of the same material is produced.


Enviropipes can manufacture a wide range of tanks and silos to client specifications and drawings using HDPE (PE100)