Stormwater Retention System

One of the major considerations in the development of storm water management is run off and flow control. In particular newer developments where buildings, parking lots, roads and other artificial surfaces replace open space. Many councils now require newly developed areas to install stormwater retention systems to capture or control the increase in peak run off during a major storm event.

Enviropipes has designed a stormwater retention system that is both practical and efficient, we know that storage capacities differ from project to project so we have developed a modular system that can be utilised in small housing to large commercial developments. Unlike other options including storm water wetlands and large detention ponds, which require relatively large land areas, Enviropipes underground retention systems allows you to utilise the land below making this a better option in areas where land costs are high and where availability of land is a problem.



Enviropipes retention system captures and stores run off in large polyethylene corrugated pipes (Enviropipes Stormwater Pipes). Stormwater enters the system through a riser pipe (EnviroManhole®) connected to a catch basin, gutters or curb inlets and flows into a series of chambers for storage. Captured run off is retained and can be pumped back onto the surface for use in gardens or other applications. These systems can also be designed to in-filtrate stored run off into the surrounding soil, to help recharge ground water.

Some advantages of Enviropipes Stormwater retention systems are;

  • Lightweight compared to some traditional materials
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Designed for trafficable and non-trafficable situations
  • Can be expanded in the future