Enviro ProcessTanks® & Manholes®

Aboveground HDPE (PE100) Storage Tanks

Enviropipes manufactures above ground water storage tanks in a single piece up to 65,000 liters using the latest German technology. Enviropipes expertise and technology provide new solutions which until now were not available to the industry.

Enviropipes has the technology and capability to:

  • Design and manufacture to clients specifications and industry standards.
  • Provide in-house and third party testing.
  • Manufacture walk-on work platforms with safety railings and cage ladder for easy access and inspection.

Underground HDPE (PE100) Storage Tanks

Underground tanks can be produced in singular or modular form and joined together to make underground tanks of capacities up to 100,000 litres for sewage and rainwater storage/treatment purposes.



Manholes also referred to as an inspection chamber, access chamber or maintenance hole is the top opening to an underground utility vault used to house an access point for performing maintenance.